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Caring for Seniors and Older Adults

Our Senior Care programs for adults age 55 and older are designed to serve adults who struggle with mood, thought or substance abuse disorders, or need help with the transition from one stage of life to another. The goal of Senior Care is to provide a continuum of care through inpatient and outpatient services within an environment that promotes hope, help and healing.

Inpatient Treatment May Include:

  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Intensive therapeutic environment
  • Meetings with a board-certified psychiatrist and/or neurologist
  • Multidisciplinary treatment approaches
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Meetings with a social worker
  • Working with an activity therapist
  • Family participation
  • Discharge and aftercare planning

Outpatient Treatment May Include:

Referral Process

The BridgeWay accepts referrals from physicians, assisted living facilities, community agencies and facilities, mental health professionals and family members. You may contact one of the numbers below and ask for our Assessment and Referral Department to schedule an assessment. For a referral to Senior Care at The BridgeWay, call 800-245-0011.

We’re Just a Phone Call Away

We cannot offer a diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online. We offer confidential assessments at no-cost on-site or through mobile services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis, please call 800-245-0011. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.